Monotech Energy Investment and Technology Consulting

Monotech Elektrik is a consultancy firm established in 2011 for engineering, projecting and commercial issues in the electrical and electronics sector. With the cooperation of the experienced and young engineers, we aimed to produce safe, quality, low cost and quick solutions to the standard and special requirements of the our customers.

Monotech Elektrik operates in the following fields since it has established;

  • Consultancy, engineering and projecting services for power plants,
  • Contracting services for infrastructure and superstructure electrical systems,
  • Supply of electrical and electronic equipment for special projects,
  • Turkey distributorship of special equipment for transformers and industrial plants.

We provide technical consulting services to our customers throughout the entire process from design to engineering, projecting, specification preparation and procurement. In addition to these, we offer the most suitable products, systems and projects to the our customers in order to determine the system requirements, to create technical details of the products and to eliminate the unnecessary matters which increase the investment and operating costs.

We aim to create a trustworthy working environment with our customers by providing the most appropriate solutions from the engineering and commercial aspects to the needs and problems of the companies that we work with.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Our goal is to be a company that our business partners consult in the electricity sector by ensuring sustainable growth.

Mission: Our ethical values are based on the principle of creating value for our business partners, keeping the maximum quality with minimum cost, following the developments in electrical engineering and applying rapidly, creating marketable solutions for developing and offering solutions, providing consultancy services with knowledge, skills and experiences by producing engineering solutions for customer needs Business ethics in the line, honesty and do not compromise on the quality of work, health and work safety and environmentally sensitive business partner to be preferred on the market.


  • Care for human,
  • Reliability,
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
  • Quality Orientation,
  • Customer Orientation,
  • Determination to succeed

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