Monotech Electric Consulting & Trading

We are an electrical consulting company serving our customers in engineering, projecting and commercial subjects. With the cooperation of experienced and young engineers , we produce fast, effective, quality and low cost solutions to the standard and special requirements of the customers. Monotech Electric conducts technical work for all phases of the plant, from design to operation, such as engineering, specification preparation, procurement processes and operating costs. In addition, determination of system requirements, creation of technical details of products and systems, reduction of investment and operating costs are included in technical studies presented by Monotech Elektrik.


Monotech Electric provides engineering, projecting, process management and consulting services to its customers on electrical systems. Areas served;

  • Electrical-electronic systems of power generation plants (Hydroelectric and solar power generation facilities),
  • Electrical-electronic systems of upper and lower structure facilities,
  • Medium voltage system design.

Contracting Services

Monotech Electric provides contracting services with its know-how in substructure and superstructure electrical-electronic systems. Services provided;

  • Medium voltage cells and transformers, transformer buildings,
  • Generator and synchronization systems,
  • Low Voltage and Compensation Panels,
  • Indoor / outdoor lighting systems,
  • Fire detection systems,
  • CCTV systems,
  • Card access systems,
  • UPS systems,
  • DC systems,
  • Earthing systems for hydroelectric power plants,
  • Lightning protection systems,
  • OG / AG protection and measuring systems,
  • Automation and SCADA systems.

Electrical-Electronic Material Procurement

Monotech Electric supplies materials and systems to domestic and international markets. Materials supplied;

  • Medium Voltage Cells (Air Insulated, SF6 Insulated, Metal Enclosed / Metal Clad, Indoor / Outdoor Type),
  • Power and distribution transformers for AG / MV / HV systems,
  • Low Voltage Compensation Panels,
  • DC system equipments (Rectifier, battery, converter, inverter),
  • Measuring, control and protection systems equipment,
  • Transformer explosion prevention systems as CTR Turkey distributor,
  • Low voltage system equipment.

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